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Our company founded in 2000 at present it has become a professional manufacturer and exporter in brass bronze valves fitting and water meter scope Our products include brass ball valves brass gate valves brass stop valves bronze valves brass bibcock brass manifold PPR insert water meter and all kinds of water meter parts Such water meter body water meter fitting and water meter flange etc We produce products by Brass CuZn39Pb3 CuZn40Pb2 DZR CZ122 CW614N CW617N bronze C83600 C84400 Aluminum bronze Gunmetal and lead free brass or bronze etc Our company involved in hydraulic pneumatic and industrial range Products been exported USA UK Mexico Canada Italy Sweden etc More than 50 nations in the...

Categories and Products

Brass Valves

Brass Ball Valves

Brass rotating flanged ball valve Brass ball valves with union Nickel plated full port brass ball valve Aluminum handle brass ball valveHB05 Aluminum butterfly handle brass ball valve FxM Aluminum butterfly handle brass ball valve FxF Aluminum butterfly handle ball valve with union Forging brass ball valve with nickel surface Brass full port ball valve with zinc alloy handle Brass compression type mini ball valve Brass isolating valve with polishing surface Brass isolating ball balves Brass isolation ball valve angle type Brass isolating ball valve Brass ball valves with polishing surface Brass Angle type ball valve for heating system Brass Angle ball valve F/M for heating system Brass compression ball valve Brass ball valve with Chain brass boiler ball valve 

Brass Check Valves and Strainers

Brass swing check valves Brass solder swing check valves Brass spring Check valves Brass spring check valves Brass foot valves Forging brass check strainers Brass casting Strainers Brass casting F/M Thread Strainer brass flanged strainers 

Brass Gate Valves

Forging body brass gate valve 200WOG Brass solder gate valves non rising stem water brass gate valve BSP thread hand wheel brass gate valve for water supply wholesale PN16 brass stem gate valve Steel handled brass gate valve Hot sale steel handle brass gate valve female thread steel handwheel forged brass gate valve Brass solder gate valve Forging brass knife gate valve Female thread gate valves iron wheel Non rising stem brass gate valve for water PN 16 thread oil and gas pipeline water brass gate valve HG13 Iron handle forged brass gate valve Brass compression gate valves Brass compression gate valve for copper tube Brass solder gate valves Brass flanged gate valves Brass boiler gate valves Brass reducing gate valves 

Brass Gas Valves

Brass Gas Ball Valve with Butterfly Handle/En331 Standard Brass Gas Ball Valve with long steel Handle/En331 Standard EN331 Standard brass gas ball valves Plated nickel FM thread brass gas ball valves Zinc alloy handle brass gas valve Angle type brass gas valves Brass Gas Ball Valve with Butterfly Handle Malex Pex Aluminum Handle Brass Gas Ball Valve Forge Fip x Fip brass gas ball valve 1/2'' FIP X 1/2'' flare brass gas ball valve of Forging Brass or lead free brass Flare x Flare Gas Ball Valve Brass angle type gas ball valve 

Brass Stop and Globe Valves

Brass globe valve brass PEX connect stop valve Hot forging brass stop valve Brass stop valve Brass globe valve Brass stop valve Brass stop valve MxM Brass compression stop valve Brass stop valve with ornate cap Brass stop valve with ornate cap Forging brass stop valve BS1010 brass stop valve BS1010 forged brass stop valve Brass thread stop valve 

Brass Boiler and Sillcock

Brass Drain Valves for Boiler System Fip X Hose Sediment Faucet Garden Valve Brass Angle Boiler Drain Valve Casting Bronze male Sillcocks Casting bronze sillcock for drain system 3/4" Male Thread NPT Full Flow Brass Boiler Drain Valve Brass 45 Angle sillcock valve for Irrigation System Brass/Bronze Garden Valves with Steel Wheel Brass or bronze body 45 Angle sillcock for Irrigation System 3/4" NPT Full Flow Blue Handle Wheel Brass Boiler Drain Valve Brass 90 degree Boiler Drain Valve Casting brass stop cock sillcock Brass boiler drain valve for Hot water 3/4'' Brass angle drain boiler valve with steel wheel 

Brass Radiator and Exhaust Valves

Brass Radiator Valves Brass radiator valves and nickel plated Brass radiator valve angle type Brass radiator valves polish surface Brass radiator valves chrome plated Brass radiator valve straight type Brass radiator valves angle type Brass thermostatic radiator valve Angle type brass thermostatic radiator valve Brass H pattern valve for heating system Brass H pattern valve nickel plated surface Brass air vent valves Brass air vent exhaust valve Brass exhaust valves Brass PPR radiator valve 

Brass Angle Valves

Brass angle type valve with polishing surface Brass angle type valve for bathroom Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome Brass angle type valve with plated chrome 

Brass Angle Supply Valves

Quarter turn brass supply valve compression connector Dual Outlet brass angle supply valves manual toilet brass angle valve FIPxOD Brass bathroom valve Brass supply valve chrome plated Lead free brass supply angle valve for PEX tube Brass angle supply valves 

Brass Valves Cartridge

Brass Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge Brass valve cartridges Brass valve cartridge (quick-open) Brass valve cartridge for cold or hot water Brass valve cartridge with plastic body Brass Plumbing Valve Cartridge for PPR Stop Valve Brass Valve Cartridge for Stop Valves Brass Valve CORE for Stop Valves Brass Valve Cartridge with Plated Chrome. Brass Valve Cartridge (long stem) Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves Brass valve cartridge for stop valves 

Other Brass Valves

Brass bath valves Brass bath valves Brass Swivel Ferrule Valves Brass Swivel Ferrule Valves Brass Swivel Ferrule Valves Brass Check Valve for Water Meter Pipe Brass Vacuum Breaker for Hose Bibb Brass Forging Balance Valve Brass strainer ball valves Brass landing valves Brass Float Valve with 5/16 Connection and Plastic Ball Brass Float Valve with 5/16 Connection and Plastic Ball 

NSF Lead Free Plumbing

NSF requirement Lead Free brass Brass Ball Valves Lead Free brass Boiler Drain valve Lead Free Bronze Awwa water meters Lead Free brass water Meter Coupling for drinking water Low lead brass or bronze water Meter Flange Lead Free brass Solder Ball Valve Lead Free brass Swing Check Valve NSF-61 Lead free bronze or brass water Meter Coupling Meet NSF Certificate Lead Free Brass NPT Thread Ball Valve with Drain Hole Lead Free Brass Solder Ball Valve Cxc with Drain Lead Free Brass Pex Ball Valves Lead free brass pex ball valve No lead brass pex ball valve(pex x pex) NSF Low Lead Brass Pn16 200wog Gate Valve Low Lead Material Brass Gas Ball Valve Lead Free Material Brass Gas Ball Valve Lead Free Brass Hose Thread Solder Sillcock Bibcock Lead Free Brass Hose Bibcocks low lead brass hose bibb NSF low lead brass 600wog full port ball valve 

Fire hydrant & adaptor

Casting Brass or Bronze Fire Hose Hydrant Valve 11/2''-21/2'' Brass Fire Hose Valve Divider Landing Valve Brass Fire Landing Hydrant Valve Brass Fire Hose Landing Valve for Fire Hydrant System OEM Casting Brass Fire Hydrant Hose Valve Manufacturer Casting Brass Fire Hydrant Landing Hose Valve for Indoor Fire Fighting Using Brass Fire Hose Pin Lug Swivel Adapter, Swivel Adapters Fittings Brass Fire Hose Pin Lug Swivel Adapter NSF Lead Free Brass Fire Hydrant Adapters for Fire Extinguisher System NSF Approved Low Lead Brass Fire Fitting for Fire Extinguisher System NSF approved Low Lead Brass Fire Hydrant Adapters for Fire Extinguisher System Brass Fire Hydrant Adapters for Fire Extinguisher System Brass Garden Hose Cap with Chain Brass Fire Hydrant Chains Brass Fire Hose Adaptor for Hydrant System Brass Fire Hose Fitting for Fire Extinguisher System Brass Fire Hose Adaptor for Fire Extinguisher System Brass Camlock Fire Fitting Type F Brass Camlock Coupling Type D Internal Hydrant brass or bronze Fire Landing Valve angle type 

Bronze valves

Casging Bronze 200WOG gate valves Casting Bronze solder gate valve Bronze Globe Valve with Steel Wheel LG2 material Bronze thread globe valve Bronze C83600 Stop Valve 3/4'', 1'', with Steel or Copper Handle Casting LG2 bronze ball valve full port Bronze Ball Valves with stainless steel Handle LG2 Casting Bronze Full Port Ball Valve Bronze solder ball valves with drain Bronze ball valve for water meter Bronze C83600 full port ball valve Bronze gas ball valve M/M Bronze gas ball valve with zinc alloy handle C83600 Casting Bronze Strainer Bronze swing check valves Bronze Casting Swivel Ferrule Valve Bronze angly type drain valves Casting Bronze stop cock with flange 

Water Meters and Parts

Water Meters

ABS Plastic multi jet or single jet water Meter Brass Single-jet Water Meter Brass body Multi-jet water meter DN15-DN50 ISO4064 NSF Lead free brass or bronze AWWA water meter Lead free bronze Awwa Water Meter with Brass or Bronze Body Brass or plastic Volumetric water meter Free lead bronze AWWA multi jet water meter Brass Remote-reading single jet water meters NSF lead free bronze PD AWWA water meters 

Water Meter Parts

Brass Multi-jet water meter body Lead free bronze or brass AWWA water meter body Brass Volumetric water meter body Forging or casting brass water meter cover Brass water meter rings NSF approved lead free bronze or brass water meter flange Forging brass water meter fitting/gasket water meter non-return valve Casting brass multi jet meter body Forging multi jet water meter cover NSF Approved 1/2''-2'' Water Meter Coupling of Bronze or Brass Material Lead free Bronze or Brass Meter cplg for Drinking Water System NSF low lead brass water meter coupling /gasket Meet NSF Requirement Plastic Water Meter Coupling Multi Jet Brass Water Meter Adjust Screw Brass Single-jet water meter body Brass Vertical water meter bodies Brass vertical water meter body NSF Lead Free Bronze or Brass Awwa C700 Water Meter Body NSF Free Lead Bronze or Brass Awwa C708 Water Meter body 

Brass Pipe Couplings

Brass Thread Fitting and Nipple

Hot forging brass female equal tee Brass female straight coupling Brass 90 degree female elbow Brass 90 degree elbow fitting Brass male tee fitting Brass end cap H855 Brass male nipple Brass bushing FxM Brass thread fitting with polishing surface Brass MxF straight union H859A Brass 90 degree elbow with union H859B Brass three way fitting Brass five way fitting Red brass nipple Brass nipple for faucet Brass coupling and chrome plating Brass hose fitting Brass barb hose fittings Brass Hull fitting Brass garden hose coupling 

Brass Pex-Al-Pex pipe fitting

Brass compression Female tee fitting Brass compression Male tee coupling Brass compression double elbow fitting Brass compression Female elbow fitting Brass compression Male elbow Brass compression cross fitting Brass compression Wall plate elbows Equal tee of brass compression fitting Straight coupling of brass compression fitting Brass Male straight compression couplings Brass Female straight compression couplings 

Brass Pex fitting

brass pex fitting Brass pex female elbow fitting H870 Brass PEX male coupling Brass pex Male straight coupling brass pex male elbow fitting brass pex straight coupling brass pex elbow pipe fitting H875 brass pex female tee brass pex equal tee Brass Female straight PEX coupling Brass PEX crimp ring Brass PEX female coupling Brass PEX male fitting Brass PEX elbow HE842 Brass PEX male elbow Brass PEX female fitting Brass PEX tee fitting Brass PEX female tee fitting Brass PEX male tee fitting brass PEX female straight coupling 

Brass Garden Hose Fitting

Brass garden hose connector Brass garden hose tap adaptor Brass garden hose tap end connector Brass garden hose tap adapter Brass garden hose tool adaptor Brass garden hose connector Brass garden hose tool adapter Brass garden hose waterstop connecter Brass Garden hose twist nozzle Brass Garden hose twist nozzle Brass Garden hose power nozzle Brass Garden hose fitting Brass Garden hose connector Brass Garden hose connector Brass Garden hose connectors Brass 45 degree male elbow Brass female thread garden hose fitting Brass straight male garden hose fitting Brass garden male & female fitting Brass 90 degree female corrugated connector 

Brass Flange

Brass Male thread Socket flange Brass thread connection flange Brass female Wall plate flange for heating system Brass female thread flanges Brass Flanges for Heating System Brass Electric Heating Element Flange 

Brass PE-PPR Pipe Fitting

Brass pe ppr compression fitting Brass pe ppr elbow compression coupling Brass pe ppr elbow compression fitting Brass pe ppr elbow fitting Brass pe ppr straight female coupling Brass pe ppr straight male fitting Brass PE PPR compression straight male fitting Brass PE-PPR compression straight double coupling Brass compression coupling for PE-PPR pipe Brass compression fitting for PE-PPR pipe Brass tee of PE-PPR compression Brass compression Female tee Brass compression male tee Brass compression 90 female elbow coupling Brass compression 90 male elbow fitting 

Brass Compression Fitting For Copper Pipe

Brass PE-PPR compression straight male fitting Brass compression Straight female coupling Brass compression 90 female elbow fitting Brass compression Female tee fitting Brass Straight male compression fitting Brass 90degree Double compression elbow Brass 90degree compression male elbow Brass compression tee fittings Brass compression 90 degree Wall plate elbow Brass compression Cross over coupling Brass compression Male tee fitting Brass compression 90 Reducing double elbow fitting 

Brass Push-fit Fitting

NSF Brass Lead Free Push Fit Straight Union Fitting NSF low lead brass Push Fit Mnpt Male Coupling NSF Low Lead Brass Push Fit Tee Fitting NSF free lead brass Push Fit Mnpt Male Couplings NSF Brass Push Fit Fnpt Elbow Connect Lead Free Coupling NSF Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fnpt Wallplate Elbow Coupling Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fnpt Tee Fitting for Drinking Water NSF Low Lead Brass Push Fit Tee Fitting Upc Lead Free Brass Push Fit Mnpt Tee Coupling Lead Free Brass Push Fit Fnpt Tee Fitting Brass quick connect push-fit fittings 

Brass PPR Inserts

Brass Male PPR insert for PPR fitting Brass Female PPR insert for PPR fitting​ 3/8''-4'' Brass Forge PPR Fittings with Nickel Surface Brass PPR Insert Fitting with Nickel Surface Brass PP-R insert with natural color Nickel Plated Brass Male PPR Union Insert Nickel Plated Brass Male PPR Union Insert PPR 90 degree elbow fitting PPR union fitting PPR Female tees PPR Female thread adapters PPR Male tee PPR Male adapter Brass PPR union with plated nickel surface 

Bronze Coupling

Casting C83600 Bronze fittings Bronze F/F 90degree elbow coupling Bronze F/M 90 elbow fitting Bronze End caps Bronze Female thread 90 elbow fitting Bronze Male thread 90 elbow fitting Bronze F/M thread bushing Bronze solder tee fitting Bronze male thread end cap Bronze female thread tee coupling Bronze female thread union Bronze weld union coupling Bronze weld 90 elbow coupling Bronze solder connectors Casting C83600 bronze tee coupling Casting bronze welding coupling Bronze welding wallplate elbow fitting Bronze hose fittings Bronze hose couplings Bronze 90 degree elbow fitting 

Manifold &Radiator parts

2-10 Outlets Brass Manifold 2-10 Outlets Brass Manifold Forging brass manifold assembly 2-10 Outlets Brass Manifold Brass Heating Manifold with Ball Valve and Air Vent Brass Manifold bodies Brass Heating Manifolds Brass heating manifolds Brass Three Tailpiece Release with Beer Valves Brass 3 Way Fitting with Union for Floor Heating Brass Manifold System Brass Union Connector for Brass Manifold Manufacturer Brass Male Tee of Chrome for Heating System Brass Radiator Parts for Radiator Brass Radiator Accessories with Plastic Part Brass Radiator Plug for Aluminum Radiator 

Brass Hose bibcocks

Brass bibcock Brass Hose bibcocks brass faucet Brass Wash machine mixer Brass mixer Brass polished bibcock Brass Hose nozzle Brass hose bibcocks Zinc alloy bibcock brass bibcock Brass lockable tap brass bibcock Hose bibcocks Brass Hose bib Brass bibcock with butterfly handle Brass hose bibcock with lockable handle brass taps Bronze hose bib Hose bibcocks Brass hose bibcock 

Brass Drain and Waste

Brass Floor drain Brass Floor drain Brass Floor drain Brass Floor drain 

Knitted and Shower Hose

Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Knitted hose Shower hose Shower hose Shower hose Shower hose Shower hose Stainless Steel Flexible and Extensible Hose for Shower 

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